This seven-layer mattress promises to keep you cooler during those summer nights

This gel cooling memory foam mattress is the perfect companion for the hotter months of the year. (NaturesSleep)

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential. But if you’re too hot, or your mattress is worn out, this gets hard to achieve. So think about upgrading to a GhostBed®, with seven layers of comfort built in. When you sleep on the queen-sized GhostBed® Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress, it feels like nothing’s there—in a good way. And right now you can save 29% on one for your sleeping pleasure.

Let’s talk about those layers. The GhostBed is designed with each level playing a role in keeping you cool and comfy all night long. The support comes from the 7.5″ base layer. Its durability comes from high-density materials that keep the bed in great shape for many nights to come.

Absorb motion with the Ghost Bounce Layer that creates the weightless feeling the GhostBed is known for. This is covered in one of two gel memory foam zones meant to align your spine properly while slumbering.

Sandwiched between this and the upper gel memory foam layer is the Ghost Ice Layer. This is the proprietary, patent-pending layer that is meant to adjust the temperature as you sleep so that you stay cool. The upper gel memory foam is 1″ thick and quilted for comfort.

Finally, rest on the cooling fiber and Ghost Ice Fabric, designed to reach the perfect sleep temperature. The cooling fiber provides 1″ of cool burst airflow technology. The Ghost Ice Fabric seals the deal with a soft and cool cover that goes directly under your sheets.

With all these layers you get the support, comfort, and cooling you require. Reviewers on Amazon are finding this to be true, with 5-star user OhMyOsters noting: “AMAZING! I sleep VERY hot. Most night, I end up sweating and I wake up soaked. This bed had kept me cool though! It is the best bed I have ever owned [...] now I don’t think I could ever live without it!

Cool down with the queen-sized GhostBed® Luxe 13″ Cooling Mattress. This deluxe mattress is available for 29% off at $1,221.99 today. Don’t miss out on what it’s like to sleep without the night sweats!

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