Woman says online coupon company offered fake deal

Woman paid $135 for online deal

HOUSTON - Many people have e-mail offers from online coupon companies, but a Houston woman said she bought a coupon and when she went to redeem it, the day spa didn't even offer those services.

Sandy Shilu thought two beauty treatments at the Oasis Studio valued at $135 through DealFind.com sounded like a good bargain.

When she tried making an appointment, the Missouri City mother of three encountered a big problem.

"When I scheduled on their website, the treatments that are offered on the voucher are not listed," said Shilu.

Shilu left several messages and said someone from Oasis Studio finally got in touch with her and told her those services are not being offered.

Shilu explained she bought the voucher through DealFind.com but that didn't help.

"She said she would have somebody call me back right away. I've yet to hear from them," said Shilu.

KPRC Local 2 visited Oasis Studio in west Houston and spoke to Ashley Mahana, who said the voucher was a mistake on the part of DealFind.com.

Mahana claims the studio hasn't seen a cent of Shilu's money.

"All I know is they ran us with that same deal. They ran us with the wrong service, the wrong phone number, the wrong address," said Mahana.

Sandy Shilu isn't sure what to think, but hopes her predicament is a lesson to others.

"We were sold something that doesn't exist so basically they are taking the money and I still don't have any treatment," said Shilu.

Local 2 contacted DealFind.com and have not yet received a response.

KPRC found one other complaint against Oasis Studio on record with the Houston Better Business Bureau.

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