Woman says fake eyelash application burns

By Jennifer Bauer - Reporter

HOUSTON - A Houston woman wants to warn others about a common beauty routine that she said left her in extreme pain. 

Lenoar Bryant said she went to a salon in the Galleria area salon for a fake eyelash application to make her feel pretty, but was left in pain.

"I noticed there was a lot of sensation and it was very irritated," said Bryant. "I told her it was burning but she said other people had the same symptoms as me and it would go away after awhile."

Bryant said the pain didn't go away. In fact, she said it got worse by morning. She removed the fake lashes, which also removed some of her real lashes, Bryant said.

Bryant said she then went to an emergency care clinic where she was given ointment and a steep bill. 

"My bill was $495. I couldn't pay that all," she said. 

Bryant told Local 2 she believes she had an allergic reaction to the type of adhesive used to attach the lashes.  

"I have worn eyelashes before and this has never happened to me," Bryant said.

Hannah Troung, the owner of Crystals Salon on Westheimer, told Local 2 this was the first time any of her clients have experienced such symptoms and trouble with the eyelashes.

"If she comes in, we can give her $25 back," said Troung.

Bryant said she'd be pleased with a refund and an apology, but that she also wants to warn others about the possible side effects.  

"I feel like people should know this before they step into a salon. They should have a piece of paper on the wall stating the side effects you may get after having eyelashes put on or give people some type of notification. That way they can make their own judgment before dishing out money," said Bryant.

Doctors advise concerned consumers to always test the adhesive on their skin and wait 10-15 minutes to see the resulting reaction before proceeding with a treatment.

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