Who, how much should you tip for holidays?

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HOUSTON - Maybe you knocked out a good bit of your holiday shopping last weekend, but did you remember gifts for your hairdresser and housekeeper? What about the mailman?

Who should you tip extra for the holidays? How much should you tip? Those are questions that always comes up this time of year.

Tipping your hair stylist or barber is a given. Everyone consumer expert Amy Davis spoke with, who had a regular hairdresser, agreed that they should get a little something extra this time of year.

No one seemed to agree on how much.
A visit to the salon can already cost a bundle, but you want to spread some holiday cheer to the stylist who keeps you looking pretty all year long.

"The lady who cuts my hair, I give her $100 just because I've gone to her for five years and she's a great person," Carlton Cook said.

In CNBC's 2012 Holiday Tipping Guide, an etiquette expert recommended giving a hair stylist the equivalent of one visit's pay.

"The best tip I ever received was second-row seats on the floor to a Beyonce concert," stylist Adrienne Jones said. "I think nothing would have to be the worst tip."

How much should you tip others who work hard for you all year long?

CNBC recommended giving a manicurist the usual cost for one session, the landscaper the cost of one visit and the trash collector $10 to $20.

Mail carriers employed by the United States Postal Service are not permitted to accept cash tips. CNBC recommended giving them homemade treats or a gift worth less than $20.

When it comes to teachers, Yahoo! Finance said parents should not give them cash. Experts said a gift card or a small gift that costs less than $20 is appropriate.

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