Too much dough for value bread?

HOUSTON - How much would you pay for "value" bread? One dollar? Two dollars? Ten dollars?

Some Houston shoppers emailed Local 2 after they realized they were charged $10 for a loaf of value bread that was advertised to cost a little more than $1.

"Ten dollars for a loaf of bread? Oh, that is not right. If you are not watching you are not going to catch it," said Nina Wilson, who showed KPRC Local 2 her receipt after buying the bread at a Walmart store on the Northwest Freeway.

Wilson buys for her family in bulk and said she doesn't always check her receipts, but was glad she did this time.

"That makes me wonder about my other receipts," said Wilson, a mother of three.

She wasn't alone.

Another Local 2 viewer emailed after he paid $10 for the same loaf of white sandwich value bread at the Walmart on Garth Road in Baytown.

Both alerted customer service and were given their money back.

KPRC Local 2 went to check prices two days later and bought the same bread at the Baytown store. The station was also charged $10 for the bread that should have cost $1.18.

"If they know this is a problem, why have they not pulled the product? I am just going to be more careful from now on," said Wilson.

A Walmart representative said, by phone, it was a pricing error for this particular item and the problem is now fixed.

If you find you were incorrectly charged, take your receipt back to Walmart for a refund.

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