Popular mascaras put to a blind test

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - When you fix your face, the finishing touch is your eye candy or mascara. Whether you want long lashes, thick lashes or curled lashes, there are dozens of products to choose from.  Consumer expert Amy Davis picked some of the most popular for a blind test. 

There are mascaras that claim to plumpify, super size and give you volume and curl. KPRC Channel 2 Houston Life co-host Courtney Zavala has tried a lot of them. 

"I'm always looking for thicker and fuller lashes," Zavala said.

Davis gave Zavala six different mascaras from the drug store, to high-end department store brands. Before she handed them over, she wrapped them in electrical tape. 

"So it's gonna cover up the label and the brand," explained Davis. "So she won't know whether it's high-end, low-end, whether we got it at Neiman Marcus or Target." 

For six days, Zavala brushed on a mystery mascara. She gave her first impression and a review at the end of each day.

She tested $6 Almay One Coat Mega-volume. She liked the way it went on, but she didn't like how difficult the waterproof product was to remove at the end of the day, describing it as "concrete" on her eyelashes.

On day two, Zavala wore local make-up artist Jentry Kelley's own mascara, Bulletproof, that sells for $20. Zavala said it made her lashes look natural. They curled and separated.

She did not like CoverGirl's The Super Sizer Fibers on day three. It sells for $7 at Target.     

"Off the bat, it doesn't look like my lashes are getting any longer," Zavala said.  

On day four, she tried the $24 Younique Epic Moodstruck mascara that might be blowing up your Facebook feed. And it blew Zavala away at the first application.

"Boy, I think that looks pretty good. Look at that!" she said.  

Dior's Epic Overcurl costs $29.50 and promises spectacular volume and curling power. Zavala liked this one, too. 

Mascara number six was the biggest surprise in our blind test.

"I like that brush," Zavala said, as she took the wand out of the mascara tube of Revlon Volume + Length Magnified. We could notice a difference in her lashes with the Revlon and the lashes without it. 

Out of the six, Zavala's favorites were the Younique, Dior and Revlon, which costs $6.

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