Midwest drought to increase food prices

Experts: Prices could go up in next 6 months

HOUSTON - While Houston continues to get soaked by rain, much of the Midwest is suffering through a drought. That could lead to an increase in grocery bills in the coming months.

Experts say in about six months to a year, consumers will begin to see prices go up a result of the drought burning up the Midwest.

Last week, an area larger than California and New York combined moved into the most serious stage of either extreme or exceptional drought that's made worse by relentless heat.

Come early next year, they'll be no remedy for rising beef prices.

In especially hard-hit Illinois, some corn farmers have given up on this season's crops and are mowing down their fields.

That corn is needed to feed cattle. With a smaller crop of corm available, feeding cattle will become more expensive. That expense will likely be passed on to consumers.

Unrelated to the drought, but good news, the latest Texas Farm Bureau survey shows the price of pork chops is down more than 13 percent.

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