Graduates scrub social media accounts before looking for jobs

By Kelley Kosuda - Producer

College graduates are earning their diplomas all over Metro-Detroit and across the country. But before they embark on their next adventure of finding a job, their first task should be, scrubbing their social media pages clean.

Most employers admit, as soon as someone fills out a job application, their online life story is scrutinized.

Social media expert Irene Koehler says, they’re Googling you to learn more about you, in order to decide if they want to bring you in for an interview.

That means it’s time for you to tweak and clean up your online image.
Take a look at everything on your pages and ask yourself; is that part of the impression I want to convey to people?

Also, accentuate the positives; your education, your experience, internships, skills that apply to the job, etc.
If you want, post pictures or a video of you doing what the company does.
That will grab an employer’s attention and could even make them more apt to bring you in for an interview.

Some other tips:
• Adjust your privacy settings. Take the time to find out how to set the privacy appropriately on social media for your objectives. Some settings ask for your permission when your friends tag you in pictures and updates first.
• Make sure your email and social media names project the image you want people to have of you.
• Use a professional looking profile picture; it’s the first impression to your page and first impressions always count! It’s a good idea to have a picture where you’re wearing professional clothing.
• Google yourself so you know what employers are seeing when they Google you.
• Scrub your social media pages of any status updates that are negative towards past employers or bosses that may convey something negative about how you work with others.

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