Federal judge halts egg roll production

Houston company ordered to shut down

HOUSTON - Local 2 has learned more about the local egg roll company ordered by a federal judge to stop production of its products because of safety concerns for anyone eating the seafood egg rolls.

In Texas, the egg rolls were sold at Albertsons, Brookshire, Brookshire Bros., Fiesta, Food Town, Foodarama, Kroger, Lowes, Market Basket, Randall's/Tom Thumb, Sellers Bros., Super Target, United Supermarkets and Walmart Supercenters. On Tuesday, Local 2's consumer expert Amy Davis checked several of the stores for Chung's Food egg rolls and could not find them on store shelves.

A 58-page order from a federal judge prevents Chung's from making any new products, but it also gives the history of Chung's Foods' multiple health and safety violations dating back to 2005.

Even though it appears that the seafood egg rolls have been removed from stores, the FDA has not yet recalled the items.

The federal order explains that the Food and Drug Administration's last inspection at the facility was in 2009. Prior inspections noted "filth and unsanitary conditions" like condensation from an air conditioner dripping into the shrimp egg roll filling. Also, employees were handling mops and squeegees and then food without washing their hands.

But the most serious violation was the packaging that Chung's uses for its egg rolls, according to the FDA. Investigators said that the materials used allows the bacteria that causes botulism to grow as the product thaws. Chung's disagrees and the two sides have been battling it out since 2009. A federal judge, however, on Monday told Chung's it has to cooperate with FDA inspectors.

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