Ex-employee: Jack's Carpet bounced $14 paycheck

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HOUSTON - The list of people owed money by Jack's Carpet is growing.

The retailer recently closed 13 locations. Dozens of customers have contacted KPRC Local 2 because they have had trouble getting the carpet they paid for or refunds.

Some former employees said they are having trouble getting their paychecks, too.

Jerry Askew said the last two paychecks he received from Jack's Carpet bounced. One of those checks was for just over $14.

"Anybody that bounces a $14 check in a major corporation has big problems," Askew said.

The company had admitted it has big problems.

"Unfortunately, Jack's Carpet is in the process of filing for bankruptcy," manager Tim Woernley said. "Due to the downturn in the economy, we have been forced to close some stores."

Woernley told KPRC Local 2 about the bankruptcy plan more than a week ago, but it still has not been filed.

The store is still taking carpet orders.

"They'll go out and sell these jobs right now and they'll take the money and they'll float their rent and their manager's pay," Askew said. "If you spend your money with Jack's, you're not going to get your carpet as promised. You may never get it."

Woernley told KPRC Local 2 that customers who paid after Nov. 1 will get their carpet or a refund. Customers who ordered before that date will have to file claims in bankruptcy court, when the company actually files for bankruptcy.

The U.S. Department of Labor's Wage and Hour Division is investigating Jack's Carpet and how it pays its sales people.

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