Customers wait for refunds after carpet not delivered

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - They call themselves the "Super Floor Store," but some customers said the way they were treated was anything but "super."

Consumer expert Amy Davis started looking into complaints against Jack's Carpet when her email inbox filled up messages from frustrated consumers, all with the same problem.

"I'd wait … take off work, waiting for the carpet to come on the day they said and it just wouldn't come," explained Elaine Welch.

Welch and her husband, Robert, put down $2,755.97 at Jack's Carpet on Sept. 4. The company was supposed to install the carpet on Sept. 15.

"But then when it came to the actual delivery, it just didn't happen, didn't happen, didn't happen," said Welch.

After waiting more than a month, they cancelled their order and purchased carpet from another company. They said they were assured from Jack's they would get a refund.

"It wasn't like we changed our mind," said Welch. "We just didn't get it."

Another month passed ... and still no money.

A check with the Houston Better Business Bureau revealed 13 almost identical complaints against Jack's Carpet since August. The BBB revoked Jack's from the bureau and gave it an "F" rating.

We called the company on behalf of all of the consumers who contacted us. Within a day, the Welches had their refund check in hand.

"I'm really happy now and I'd really like to thank you for pursuing this because I'd have never gotten this check without your help," Robert Welch told Davis.

All of the other consumers we spoke with were also refunded or got their carpet installed after we called Jack's.

A company spokesman declined our request for an on camera interview, but he did say the slowing economy has caused Jack's Carpet to downsize. They've closed 11 of their 21 stores in recent months.

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