Clothes made to conceal handguns

By Lauren Freeman - Anchor

HOUSTON - They are clothes made to conceal concealed handguns. More and more companies are creating clothes and accessories to hold and conceal handguns.

While some focus on fashion, all of them were created in the name of protection. Not all gun advocates are on board with them.

We went shooting with two women who are big supporters of carrying guns and being prepared.

Michelle carries a gun everywhere she goes and Patricia is in the process of getting her conceal carry license. Patricia began learning to shoot about 8 months ago after a terrifying ordeal.

"I was almost robbed in a Walgreens parking lot. He actually sexually assaulted me. He reached out and grabbed my breast," she said.

Michelle has been carrying a gun for about 5 years.

"It's the great equalizer. So rather than just being a victim, I'm able to fight back," Michelle said.

Brian Hoffner teaches people how to do just that. After decades in the military, HPD law enforcement and tactical training, Hoffner believes he's created the perfect holster.

He told us, "There's never been a perfect way to carry a pistol."

He started American Tactical Apparel. He designed a holster that holds any size handgun and pants to wear over them. They call them battle khakis.

They made me a pair to try on. While they certainly aren't skinny jeans, he says he kept fashion in mind.

"We are seeing more and more women interested and with that, they want to look good," Hoffner said.

The battle khakis sell for $150.

A company called Gun Tote'n Mamas sells fashionable purses that are also holsters. They sent us one that holds a small gun. They told us it's one of their bestsellers and retails for $59.

There's even the Flashbang Bra Holster. A demonstration of it has gotten almost 900,00 hits on YouTube but not everyone likes the idea.

Robert Dunlap with American Tactical Apparel says it violates gun safety. He worries it's not safe for the woman wearing it.

He told us, "A weapon should always be pointed in only a safe direction ,one of which is definitely not your person."

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