Booster seats that failed in crash tests, what to do if you have one

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - If you have a booster seat in your car, you'll want to know about four models that did not hold up in Consumer Reports' crash tests

The Britax Frontier Click Tight booster's harness hardware cracked during a crash test, causing the harness to pull through the seat completely. 

The structure that supports the headrest and the harness on the Britax Pioneer broke, and the structure that anchors the seat's top tether in the Cosco Finale broke.
In the Harmony Defender 360, the support hardware in the back of the booster broke, allowing the harness to pull through the seat. 

Consumer Reports says the failures in all of the seats occurred with crash test dummies that were 50 pounds or more. If your child is at least 40 pounds, they recommend not using the harness attached to the seat and instead use the seat in booster mode with your vehicle's seat belt. 

There is no active recall on any of these seats, so you won't receive a notice from the manufacturer. In tests using dummies less than 40 pounds, the seats performed well. 

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