As Seen on TV Tuesday: Can the $10 Tac Tool replace your whole toolbox?

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Even if you have a tool chest full of tools, it's tough to make sure you always have the right tool when and where you need it. The Tac Tool, made by Bell and Howell, is 18 tools in one. We asked Michael Callihan a home builder with Riverway Homes to try it out.

Claim: The Tac Tool has 18 tools in one small, compact package, eliminating the need for your whole toolbox. 

True, the Tac Tool does have 18 tools. We counted them: 
1) Hammer 
2) Needlenose Plier 
3) Claw 
4) Wire cutter 
5) Pliers 
6) Knife 
7) Phillips head screwdriver 
8) Branch saw 
9) Flat-head screwdriver 
10-13) Four wrenches 
14) Bottle opener 
15) V-Type stripper
16) Coarse saw 
17) File 
18) Slotted screwdriver 

Callihan tested seven of the 18 tools. He said the hammer's small size made it difficult to use, but once he got the hang of it, it worked. 

The claw helped him get the wayward nails out of a 2 x 4. The wire cutter worked effortlessly. The coarse saw cut a piece of wood. The Phillips head screwdriver was a little hard to seat into the top of the screw, but Callihan managed. He thought the nail file and the bottle opener were a nice touch. 

"I think I love it for the fact that it's small and if you need something quick to do around the house, you don't have to grab your whole toolset," Callihan said. 

We paid $19.99 for the Tac Tool at Fry's Electronics, but you can get it on right now for just over $10.

Verdict: The claim is true.

While Callihan wouldn't trade his toolbox for the Tac Tool, he said he would carry it around to have the tools on hand in situations where the toolbox is too big to transport

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