Apps help save smartphone battery

By Amy Davis - Reporter/Consumer Expert

HOUSTON - Many consumers consider their smart phone a life saver, but one of the most common pet peeves for users is how quickly the battery loses its charge. There are apps for that.

New York Times App Smart columnist Kit Eaton said the apps can identify which resources on your phone are sucking the life out of your battery and then set controls to stop them.

If you've got an Android, Eaton said you should check out the free 2X Battery Saver app. Once installed, the app alerts you to other systems on your phone that might be using too much of your battery, and it will let you know how long a battery has left until it runs out. If you allow it, it will control your device to turn off energy-hogging resources when you don't need them. For example, why keep your Wi-Fi on all night when you're sleeping?

The Easy Battery Saver is another similar free app for Androids.

iPhones can be a little more difficult because Apple has set tighter controls on the operating system, but Eaton recommended the free Battery Boost Magic app. It has a battery life tips section that gives you a list of options to extend your battery's life.

He said the Battery Life Pro All-in-One, which is free, and the Battery Doctor Pro, which is 99 cents, on iTunes are both good apps to help you save your phone's battery.

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