Test it Tuesday: Sink Angel

No matter how big your bathroom counter, it never seems like there's enough room on the vanity. Ladies have to fit the hairdryer, iron, make-up and all the tools that go into getting ready every morning. 
The Sink Angel claims to turn your bathroom sink into usable vanity space.  

Cost: $9.99

Claim: "Creates extra space for beauty essentials."
           "Designed to fit almost any bathroom sink." 

Verdict: Fail.

The Sink Angel has several suction cups that are supposed to attach the plastic mat to your counter on top of your bathroom sink. Once covered, the makers claim, you can set make-up and styling tools on top of the mat. When viewer Marsha Lilly tried it, the Sink Angel's suction cups wouldn't stick to her counter. When she put anything in the middle of the Sink Angel mat, it caved into the sink.