Once these establishments run out of liquor they'll be out of business -- unless they pay up

85 Houston-area TABC liquor licensees are on the delinquent list as of Nov. 1


HOUSTON – There are 85 Houston-area businesses that made the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's credit law delinquent list that was published Friday.

The establishments on the list will be unable to receive more liquor until they pay what they owe. They can still sell and serve what they have on hand, until they run out.

If a business files bankruptcy, they can still receive their liquor purchases as long as they are protected under the United States Bankruptcy Code, as described in the notice regarding bankruptcy by TABC.

Some listed businesses are permanently closed. Regardless if a business no longer operates, they remain delinquent if their payment is not received by wholesalers on time.

Some Houston-area businesses on the list include California Pizza Kitchen and Moody Gardens Hotel and Golf Course.

Find out what delinquent liquor licensees are near you.

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