These are the non-meat options giving beef a run for its money

Photo: Beyond Meat - Twitter
Photo: Beyond Meat - Twitter

HOUSTON – The popularity of veganism is on the rise, but others who are starting off their new health journey are leaning towards "fake meat" options to give their meat cravings a satisfaction. 

Other meat eaters are also giving the new meat options a side-eye of interest due to the raving of how it tastes compared to real meat. 

Here are some meats you may find interesting to find: 

Beyond Meat: Its plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free products are filled with pea protein, 20 grams of protein to be exact. It's perfect for grilling hamburgers, tacos and meatballs, or basically anything that you can do with ground beef. The company also offers vegan sausages. KFC fast-food restaurant also launched the company's vegan chicken nuggets, where customers are waiting for hours to get their hands on. 

Impossible Foods: It is well-known for it's popular Impossible Burger. Burger King has already launched a burger using the Impossible Burger patties as a vegan option for its customers. Some meat-eaters have even said they can't even tell the difference. 

Gardein: The company serves several different meat options including, burgers, turkey, chicken, beef steak and seafood. 

Boca: This company provides several different plant-based sandwich/burger options including chicken, beef, spicy chicken, turkey. It also offers non-GMO soy patties. 

Field Roast: This company gets its popularity during Thanksgiving with its turkey roast but also offers a variety of plant-based sausages, corn dogs, wings, and deli slices. 

MorningStar Farms: The company offers its vegetarian burger, chicken nuggets, buffalo wings, bacon strips, pizza, pulled pork, chorizo crumbs and more.

Tofurkey: Also a big hit during the holidays. It offers non-GMO, vegan or vegetarian options of chick'n, sausage, chorizo, pepp'roni pocket, deli slices, roast and more.

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