Does this $10 phone mount really make hands-free driving easier?

HOUSTON – Putting your phone down is the first thing you should do when you get into the driver's seat. But using the navigation or calling up a podcast hands-free can get a little clumsy.

KPRC 2 consumer expert Amy Davis tested an "As Seen on TV" product that claims to help.

The Fast Ball Magnetic Ball and Socket phone mount is $10 at Walmart, CVS and Target.

The ball mount attaches to your dash with an adhesive and the socket attaches to the back of your phone or phone case.

With one click, the magnetic ball and socket snap together.


Holds device tight: patented magnetic mount combines strong, steel ball and magnetic socket for the ultimate media mount.




The cool part is that your phone can swivel and rotate on the ball. You can easily adjust it to avoid glare from the sun, or you can switch from a horizontal view to a vertical one without taking your phone off of the mount.

Davis drove on Houston's pock-marked, bumpy roads and her phone never fell. 

The Fast Ball Magnetic Ball and Socket mount does come with extra adhesive in case you change vehicles or need to move the mount. The instructions advise you to use thread or floss to run behind the mount to get the sticky adhesive off. 


Depending on your vehicle, there may not be a good spot to mount Fast Ball. The surface must be flat and in a spot that won't interfere with your gear shift, steering wheel, AC vents or radio controls. The only real estate available on Davis' dash requires her to take her eyes too far off the road to see her phone.