Is this $50 sand-free beach towel worth the price?

HOUSTON – Relaxing with your toes in the sand at the beach sounds great until it's time to head home.

Beach sand gets stuck everywhere, and it always ends up in every crevice of your vehicles.

So when we saw this sand-free towel by CGear online, we had to try it out. 

What you need to know

At $49.99, the sand-free towel is on the pricey side.


1) The engineered weave of the towel allows sand to fall through the fabric, so sand can only go down, not back up.

2) It's "super soft" to the touch.

3)The towel is quick drying. 

We took the towel on two beach trips: to Galveston and to Hilton Head, South Carolina. While the sand did seem to shake easily from the sand-free towel, when we compared it to a regular $3 towel from Walmart, both towels held the same amount of sand at the end of the day. 

Verdict: Not worth the price

1) While the weave does allow the sand to fall through the top layer of the towel, when we picked the towel up to shake it out, the sand gets caught into between the two layers of the weave. When we compared the sand-free towel to a $3 towel we bought at Walmart, they both seemed to hold the same amount of sand after we shook them out on the beach. 

2) The towel is not scratchy, but it is not super soft, as the product description claims.

3) The towel did dry much quicker than regular towels.