Here is where you can get all types of furniture, decor starting at $5

If you like a good deal, get yourself to Southwest Surplus on the North Freeway near Gulf Bank Thursday.

HOUSTON – If you like a good deal, get yourself to Southwest Surplus on the North Freeway near Gulf Bank Thursday.

KPRC 2 consumer expert Amy Davis told you about this hotel liquidation warehouse before. Now the owner wants to change up his business model, but to do that, he needs to clear everything out of the business' main 50,000-square foot warehouse. 

He is lowering the prices on many items to help move inventory as quickly as possible. 

What are the deals? 

  • All lamps in the warehouse, whether it is a table lamp or a floor lamp, are $5 (shades are not included).
  • All frames and artwork are $5. Some are 3 feet tall and wide. The frame and matte alone are worth much more for those looking to put their own artwork inside.
  • Hundreds of mini-fridges from hotel rooms are $25.
  • Name brand queen and king mattress sets are $75.
  • All flat-screen TV's are $100. None of the TVs come with remote controls. You will need to buy a universal remote and program it yourself.
  • Other furniture and items are marked at varying prices, but they will negotiate. 

What you need to know to get there asap:

Where: Southwest Surplus
             7700 North Fwy
             Houston, TX 77037

When: Open every day but Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Why does Southwest Surplus want to get rid of everything?

After 20 years of liquidating hotels across the country, the company is changing its business model.

For the last two decades, they have been shipping inventory back to Houston from where ever the hotels are located. That business model became less profitable because gas and freight costs have increased in recent years.

From here on out, Southwest Surplus will be more selective about what pieces make the long haul. 

"When you first walk into a hotel and it's grand and you see all the amazing furniture that's there, that's what we're gonna be liquidating," said Kim Hundl, who works in marketing for the warehouse.

Once it clears out the current inventory, Southwest Surplus only want to sell high-end furniture from hotel suites and common areas. The other pieces from the rooms will be sold to local brokers where the hotel is located to avoid the hefty transportation cost of moving everything across the country. 

The sale starts Thursday at 9 a.m. and will continue until the warehouse is empty. 

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