Grocery deals: Now is the time to try H-E-B curbside pickup or grocery delivery

HOUSTON – Here are some of this week's best grocery deals.


Grocery deals for H-E-B.

If you have ever wanted to try curbside pickup or grocery delivery, now is the time to try it at H-E-B. They are offering both services free now through Oct, 1. Prices online are sometimes about 2 to 3% higher than the prices in store.

Grocery deals for H-E-B.

This week at H-E-B you can get also get extra-large, white seedless grapes for $.67 a pound and blueberries are $.77 a pint. 


Grocery deals for Aldi.

Aldi has some good produce deals, too. Mangoes are $.33 each, cantaloupes are $.77 and Washington red cherries are $1.45 a pound.