As Seen on TV Tuesday: Is this mirror/charger combo worth the $20 price tag?

HOUSTON – Nothing will ruin your day faster than a cell phone on its last minutes of battery life. It's almost as terrible as being stuck with no mirror to check your teeth or lipstick after a dinner date.

One product claims to solve both of those first-world problems for $19.99. 

Melissa Ives said the My Compact Light-up Mirror with built-in phone charger could really come in handy at Minute Maid Park during Astros games.

"Sometimes I'm taking so many pictures, having a good time, my battery's running down," explained Ives.  "And you're not going to find a USB port anywhere."

Ives' friend, Diana Collins, is searching for the perfect mirror to throw in her purse.

"Sometimes I've used my phone and tried to use the reverse photo just to check my makeup," Collins told Davis. "That doesn't have adequate lighting." 


My Compact Light-Up Mirror lights up, has one side with a magnifying mirror and it can charge your phone. 

Collins' iPhone 10 was at 57% when she plugged in My Compact. Almost 40 minutes later, it was up to 68%.. not a super fast charge. 

When Ives plugged in a Samsung Galaxy 9, it had just 21% of its battery left. It took almost four hours for the My Compact charger to get her back up to 100%. 

How compact is the mirror/charger combo? 

Collins and Ives tried to fit the charger and their cell phone into a clutch. The purse would not close. The product is about the same size as a regular make-up compact with a little more weight because of the battery inside. 

How it Works: 

You have to charge the My Compact so it will have enough juice to charge a cell phone. If your battery is very low, the My Compact charger will likely run out of battery before your phone is fully recharged.  


Despite its setbacks, both Collins and Ives concurred and gave the product two thumbs up. They said the battery charger alone isn't a strong enough selling point because it's slow. But adding the mirror makes it worth the $20 price tag.  

You can buy the product at Fry's Electronics. Melissa said she's also seen them at H-E-B.