Consumer expert Amy Davis tests if car tent lives up to the Facebook hype

HOUSTON – If you could protect your car from rain, hail and even keep the temperature cool in Houston's extreme heat, wouldn't you do it?

Consumer expert Amy Davis was all in when she saw a Facebook ad for a car tent last fall. 

The Facebook ad for the product was shared thousands of times last year. It shows a motorized car tent that attaches to the roof of your car and opens with a remote control.

Davis clicked a link to buy it in October from a website called Puraneeds.com. Her card was charged the same day.

She paid $149.99 for what PuraNeeds calls a "Car Key" to attach the tent and $59.99 for the car roof cover. The delivery took almost three months.

The shipping labels revealed the packages came from China. Davis opened them and discovered there was nothing to explain the items or assembly instructions.

She attempted to set the car tent up on her minivan, and it quickly became apparent that several items needed to attach the tent to the roof and make it work were missing.

For $209.98, Davis got less than half of what she ordered. She received two packages of car tents, but no remote control or motorized attachment to secure the tent to the car. Online, others are complaining of the same thing.

On Facebook, Steve Sawbridge posted "I got the UM without the brella."

When Davis tried to contact Puraneeds, she discovered the website gone.

She reached out to Social Dynasty LLC, the merchant whose name appeared on her credit card statement alongside the charges, but the company did not return her messages.

Davis disputed the charges with Bank of America, too. The bank is investigating.