Spring break travel: How to save money on your vacation

HOUSTON – If Hawaii or the Bahamas are not in your spring break budget, that doesn't mean you have to camp out on the couch. Fill up your car and take a Texas road trip.

Travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore says gas is so affordable in Texas, that driving instead of flying makes sense. She suggests Austin if you like the music scene and nightlife or San Antonio if you are traveling with your family.

"I love San Antonio," said Tornatore. "You have places like the River Walk. You have the Tobin Center for Performing Arts. There are so many great things going on there for families, like the San Antonio Zoo."

Or maybe you stay put and explore Houston for the week.

"Look at what activities are happening like at the Space Center. There are so many great museums right in the heart of your city. Doing those things in your own backyard that you don't get to do a lot of times can be a really simple and affordable and fun way to experience your own hometown," she said.

If you are still planning to fly, Tornatore suggests big cities. She said places like L.A., Chicago and Boston are working cities and often offer deals on the weekends.