Lone Star’s new beer is 24|7, less alcohol and fewer calories

Lone Star 24|7 beer
Lone Star 24|7 beer (KPRC2)

HOUSTON – Lone Star, the self-titled "National Beer of Texas," has added another beer to its fridge.

The Lone Star 24|7 is a lighter beer, with only 2.1 percent alcohol by volume and 68 calories with a "crisp, smooth, fresh flavor," the company said.

"Texans are looking for lighter beers that they can enjoy while coming together and spending time outdoors, gathering with friends and family, or maintaining an active, more health-conscious lifestyle," Elkin Vasco, Lone Star Beer Brand Manager, said. "We are thrilled to launch Lone Star 24|7 and feel Texas beer advocates will be too."

Lone Star 24|7 light lager is packaged in gold cans and bottles featuring a gold and red Lone Star logo.

The beer joins the original Lone Star Beer and Lone Star Texas Light Beer.

For more information, visit www.lonestarbeer.com.