Love your age: How to go gray gracefully and in style

HOUSTON – Going gray is not just an old age thing anymore. Now it's a trend. Women, young and old, are opting not to cover their natural grays, but to accentuate them. 

Celebrities from Pink to Lady Gaga are going gray. They actually call it silver, titanium or ice, but hairstylists call it a confidence boost for women who've spent years covering their gray roots. 

"More women are accepting more of their gray," said Myrna Hermida of Visible Changes at Memorial City Mall.

Hermida says how you go gray depends on how much of your true hair color is already headed in that direction. 

"You could just blend in some highlights," she explained.  "If they have a very little percentage of gray,  you could start adding a few highlights here and there." 

"I have clients that come in every two weeks, and that's a big commitment," said hairstylist Lindsey Kern at Figaro Salon in the Galleria area.

Kern says as women get older, covering grays can be a full-time job, but adding highlights that blend in with your grays can free up a lot of time and money.

"You don't actually see your hair growing out anymore because you have a blend of different tones in there that just fade out really natural. They don't have a definite line on their new growth, so they don't have to come in and retouch it at all. They can wait three months," explained Hermida.

The gray look is not for everyone. If you are very pale, with no pink or red tones in your skin, silver or gray can make you look washed out. If your hair is dark brown or brunette with very little gray, any gray color or highlights you add will fade fast.

If you go gray naturally or with help from a bottle, Kern says a purple shampoo will keep your hair from turning yellow. And If you dye your own hair, Kern says you should look for box dyes with the word ash in them.