They may have closed, but these stores are making an online comeback

HOUSTON – Some of your favorite stores you thought were gone … are now online

Thousands of retailers filed for bankruptcy or just closed their doors in the last two years. Around 3800 stores shuttered in 2018 alone, but you may not have seen the last of some of them.

You might be surprised which stores are now alive and well online.

It took 10 years, but Circuit City resurrected itself online after closing its more than 600 stores.

While 2017 was not a good year for women's clothing stores, many of the stores that closed are getting a second chance online.

Some of those places include The Limited, Delia'sAmerican ApparelWet Seal and Bebe's

Remember Service Merchandise and its big catalog? It filed for bankruptcy in 1999.

It's also back, but now the online retailer only sells jewelry.