Goodwill donations up after Marie Kondo's decluttering series on Netflix

HOUSTON – Through eight episodes that were all released on Netflix on New Year’s Day, Marie Kondo helps homeowners get their homes back in order.

Her strategy is to go through everything you own and throw away anything that doesn’t bring you joy. Those things go to Goodwill.

Terri Parris, from Goodwill of Houston, said there has been a recent increase in donations.

“There seems to be an uptick,” Parris said.

Parris said January is always a peak donation season at Goodwill, but this year has seen even more. She said Kondo’s show may be the reason.

“We are about 10 percent up from where we were last year at this time,” Parris said. “That’s an indication that it may have something to do with it.”

Goodwill welcomes the rise, but there are some things they do not accept. They include mattresses, box springs, paint, chemicals or other hazardous materials, building or construction supplies, auto supplies, large appliances or infant items.

If you’ve got any electronic clutter, Goodwill does accept things like televisions, computers, tablets, cellphones or stereos.

“If they can be refurbished and resold, we do that,” Parris said. “If they can’t be refurbished and resold, they go into the recycling stream and they’re kept out of landfills.”

For more information about what you can donate to Goodwill or find a store go to GoodwillOfHouston.org.

Other places you can donate

Goodwill isn't the only place where you can take that clutter. Here are some other places that hope to make a buck off your junk.

Texas Art Asylum - Accepts leftover fabric, wallpaper remnants, crafting supplies, old toys and just about anything an artist may be able to use.

Best Buy - Recycles old electronics and household appliances.

Books Between Kids - Accepts used children's books.

City of Houston - Recycles Styrofoam and hazardous chemicals or materials.

Harbor Ministries - Accepts furniture, clothes, housewares, tools, appliances, food, vehicles and more to benefit the homeless and those in need. You can drop off your items at the Harbor Ministries Thrift Store in South Houston.

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