Can this gadget help you capture great photos of your pet?

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HOUSTON – Everyone likes pictures of their loved ones, even the furry, four-legged ones; but not all dogs know how to strike a pose. To teach them, one company has created a device that claims to help. 

The Pet-ture Perfect Treat Launcher claims it can get pets to sit still for perfect photos. 

Consumer expert Amy Davis took it to Jessica and Clark Cash in Spring to try it out. The couple knows their dog daughters, Minnie and Campbell, are adorable. Just don't ask for a picture as proof. 

"They inevitably move. They don't know what's going on and they dodge," Clark explained.

The Pet-ture Perfect Treat Launcher attaches to any phone. It has a scoop on a spring that is supposed to hold a treat and capture your dog's attention. You snap the photo and then launch the treat as a reward.

"I think it kind of works!" exclaimed Jessica, after the first couple of tries.

Once Minnie and Campbell realize where the treat is though, they crowd Clark trying to get to it. The photos he managed to snap are less than impressive. And Clark says the treat launcher is less than predictable.

"Shoots it really hard and it's not accurate," Clark said.

Minnie and Campbell loaded up on treats even though mom and dad didn't get a lot of frame-worthy photos. So, of course the dogs gave the Pet-ture Perfect Treat Launcher a good review. 

"Two paws up! Two paws up for the treats," said Jessica.

Davis paid $3.99 for the product at Fry's Electronics. That low price has Jessica and Clark divided. Jessica gave it a thumbs down; Clark a thumbs up. 

"Just because I can take better pictures with just a treat in my hand," Jessica explained. 

"Thumbs up just cause it's funny to watch treats get thrown against the wall," said Clark.

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