14 of the best items from 'Oprah's Favorite Things' list

No one knows how to pick a gift like Oprah


There comes a time every November where the world patiently waits for Oprah's "favorite things" list to drop, and then we all collectively freak out because it's Oprah and we trust her with out lives, basically. 

While all 107 items on Oprah's list look incredibly fabulous, we went ahead and picked out some of our faves that you absolutely need to have. Happy shopping! 

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This huge craft box

Not only does this craft box come with a handle for fantastic transportation, but it also comes with over 1,250 pieces of craft material. We're talking pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, googly eyes and so much more.

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Whipped body butter and oil set

 If Oprah wants you to take care of your skin with this fabulous body butter and oil, then you probably should get this. It's Oprah's favorite, after all. 

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Goat's milk soap bar

If you didn't know, goat's milk soap will leave your body feeling super hydrated rather than dried out and unpleasant. We have a feeling you'll like this all-natural soap bar. 

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This fashionable winter coat

It doesn't matter if you're battling the cold weather every day, or you're heading for a ski trip to the mountains, this long down coat will keep you warm from the chilliest of temperatures. It also has a faux fur hood that will block the cold. 

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These furry knitted mittens 

Gloves normally don't get this fun, so that's why we're obsessed with these faux fur mittens. They come in five trendy colors, and will keep your hands nice and warm when it's chilly outside. 

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Lasagna baking pans

Baking homemade lasagna will forever be easier with this lasagna baking pan that can hold three lasagnas at once. The best part is that this pan can also be used to bake cakes, bread, meat loafs or whatever else your culinary heart desires. 

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An indoor grill

Grill all year round with this indoor grill that eliminates the smoke that a normal bbq grill produces. A tray below the grill collects the fat so the meat you're cooking will stay extra lean. Clean-up is a breeze, too because the grill top comes right off and can go in the dishwasher. 

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This stylish hand mixer

Black and Decker sure knows how to make a sleek hand mixer, that's for sure. This mixer comes in eight fun colors and has five different speeds. Holiday baking just got so much easier. 

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Wireless charging tray

Having a ton of different phone chargers sticking out of the wall can get confusing and messy, but not when you have a wireless charging tray. The tray sits on any counter top and can hold your watch, loose change, or anything laying around the house. On the other side of the tray is the charger. Just place your phone on it and it charges your phone to full battery. 

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5-foot long charging device

This charging device is perfect for a long road trip with a bunch of friend, or if you have multiple things to charge at once. There are five USB ports so everyone has a spot to charge their phone. 

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Grow your own Christmas tree kit

How hilarious is this? Not all of us have time to go cut down a Christmas tree, so why not just grow your own in the comfort of your home? Each pot comes with instructions on how to grow your seed into seedling, and then you can plant the tree in your backyard. How fun is that?

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Dog DNA test kit

Did you adopt a dog and the animal shelter wasn't exactly sure what kind of dog you have? Just like how people are tracing back their roots to find out where they came from, you can do the same with your furry best friend. Just swab the inside of your dog's mouth and you'll find out exactly what breed they are. 

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A doggy spa kit

Your four-legged friends deserves to get pampered just like you do over the holidays, so why not get this spa kit that will have them feeling (and smelling) great. The kit comes with a luxurious bath robe, a shea butter to use for baths and a bamboo brush to get all the knots out of their fur. 

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And finally, some fuzzy socks

Who doesn't love new socks for Christmas? You're lying to yourself if you can't say you don't appreciate some new socks, and these socks picked out by Oprah herself have to be magical. 

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