A new company will fill up your car wherever you are parked

HOUSTON – Stopping to fill up at the gas station is never convenient. It's either scorching outside or raining or the line is a mile long. A new company wants to eliminate the chore for you by filling up your car where ever you are parked.

It's called GasMob.

GasMob has been available to the 15,000 employees who work at Houston's sprawling Greenway Plaza since July. When they report to work in their office tower, GasMob can top off their tanks. 

"The average commuter fills up about twice a week, 15 minutes give or take on each fill-up," explained GasMob's Brannon Thompson. "That equates to about 26 hours every single year that you spend at a gas station." 

GasMob gives you that time back. You just request the fill-up through the app. GasMob already partners with some big apartment complexes and office parks in Houston. If you schedule your fill-up at one of these, there is no service charge. In November, the company plans to roll out residential on-demand service. Delivery fees will range from $2.99 to $4.99 depending on where you live. 

"You would just go ahead and request the fuel and our driver technician would give you a time frame in which he would do it and by the time you wake up the next morning, your car would be filled," Thompson told consumer expert Amy Davis.   

The price of the gas you pay per gallon is listed right on the app. It is comparable to what you'd pay down the street in the same neighborhood. On the day we checked, a gallon of regular unleaded with GasMob was $2.70 at Greenway Plaza.

Gas Buddy showed prices at gas stations in the same area were higher by about 5 cents a gallon. 
GasMob says it will start delivery to residential areas inside the loop; but they do plan to expand to the Woodlands, Sugar Land and Katy. If you log in and don't see it available in your area, you will want to check back in about a week or so.