Can a $6 bug zapper control flying pests?

HOUSTON – Citronella candles, mosquito dunks, bug spray and yard misters: You may have tried one or all of them to keep biting bugs at bay.

Consumer expert Amy Davis is taking a swing with a low-cost device that claims to zap bugs dead instantly.  The Electronic Bug Zapper costs $5.99 at Fry's Electronics.

Jersey Village homeowner Celia Montemayor volunteered to try it in her backyard that is usually overrun with mosquitoes and wasps.  

"We normally have to put on 'Off' (bug spray)," Celia said. "I have an 'Off' at the back door."  

But those pests must have heard we were coming, because as soon as Celia pressed the red button on the side of the zapper, the skeeters made themselves scarce.

The Zapper claims to zap bugs dead instantly, including flies, mosquitoes, wasps, hornets and pretty much any flying insect. 

"There you go. Look. It's got the fly," said Celia, after she swatting a fly near some plants. "Look, look, look! It's electrifying. Look! See that? It's sparking!" she said, excitedly.

The Zapper worked fast, just like it claims; but there was no warning about the smell. 

"Ooh! You can smell it too! Yuck!" said Celia, as the fly sizzled in the Zapper. 

For $5.99, Celia said she'd buy it and proudly practice her swing for when those pesky mosquitoes return.  

"I give it a thumbs up!" she said. 

You do have to be very careful with this device around children. Keep it somewhere they cannot reach it.