Why you should be comparing prices on your prescription drugs

HOUSTON – If you take prescription drugs and you don't compare prices before you buy, you're probably spending a lot more than you should. However, that process can sometimes be a hassle.

"Sixty-seven percent of the population doesn't know or understand that there are tools out there where they can save money on their prescription drugs," said Sara Skirboll, of RetailMeNot.com.

Skirboll said her website and app, which is already known for finding promo codes and coupons for shoppers, is launching a new service aimed at saving people money on their prescriptions, called RxSaver.

"All you need to do is enter your ZIP code, enter your prescription name and the website RxSaver.com is going to pull up all the different pharmacies and stores in your area that sell the prescription medication and show you the exact price," Skirboll said.

Using the website revealed drastically different prices for the prescription drug Actos. Walgreens was selling it for $86.33, while Kroger had it for $13.87.

RxSaver joins other comparison sites like the popular Good Rx.

The websites are giving the price for the drugs without insurance. In some cases, the discounts are so steep, you will save more money just paying for the prescriptions out of pocket rather than using your insurance and paying the deductibles.