These are best buys, back-to-school items to avoid at dollar store

HOUSTON – Parents routinely have to go to multiple stores to get all of the items on their children's school supply list. If you're looking to save as much as you can, you should add the dollar store to your run.

Consumer expert Amy Davis made a trip to show you the best deals at the dollar store and which items will cost you more money. She stopped by a Dollar Tree to look for some common items on back-to-school supply lists. 

Here are some examples of items that are cheaper at Dollar Tree than at other stores we checked: 

Kid's scissors are $1 for two pairs at Dollar Tree compared to $1.49 at Target. 

We found eight glue sticks at Dollar Tree for a buck. They are two for $1 at Target. 

Four dry erase markers are $1 at Dollar Tree, but you'd pay $2.69 for the same number at Target. 

Loose leaf paper is a better deal at a buck for 200 sheets at Dollar Tree. Target has 175 sheets for 99 cents.  

Two of the best deals at Dollar Tree are pencil bags and scientific calculators for just $1. At that price, you could lose a couple and not break the bank. 

Supplies that seem like a good dollar store deal, but are not included are $1 for 3-ring binders. Target has them for 89 cents. 

Two-pocket plastic folders are $1 at Dollar Tree, but you can buy them for two for $1 at Target.  

The washable markers we found eight for $1 seemed like a steal at the Dollar Tree until we found Up & Up washable markers 10 for 50 cents at Target.