Summer closet reboot: How to find amazing clothing deals on Amazon

HOUSTON – Every day this week, we are helping you "Wake Up 2 Savings" with a "Summer Closet Reboot." 
Consumer expert Amy Davis is showing you how to supplement your wardrobe with inexpensive clothes on Amazon. It's no secret that millions of people shop the site for good deals and convenience; but shopping for clothes out of the millions of items listed takes a bit of trial and error unless you can learn from others who have already put in the hours. 

When Meghan Markle donned a breezy gingham dress to Prince Harry's polo match last month, it sold out on Amazon within hours. The frock was $280

You don't have to spend hundreds on the site to look like a million bucks.

"It was the price point that got my eye," said Britta Merwin, about the dresses she's purchased on Amazon. 

"Twenty-five to $35 for a dress and when you have to wear a different dress every day, that's a good price point," she said. 

The lowest-priced clothes are not familiar brands you will recognize. Some are better than others. 
"After ordering a couple and testing the waters, I found the ones that work for me," explained Merwin. 

One of Merwin's favorites is from a line called Marycrafts, because she says the fabric is thicker than some of the other less expensive lines.

One particular dress she owns sells on Amazon for $29.90 and it comes in 28 different colors.

"I do go up one size," Jennifer Reyna told Davis about the clothes she orders on Amazon. She said some of the cheaper brands run small. 

"So if I'm normally an extra small in a regular Calvin Klein dress at Dillard's, I'll go with a small," Reyna said.

Most dresses are not lined, so you may need to add a slip. 

"I like the style," Reyna said about one dress she got on Amazon. "But you see all these wrinkles that occur especially when you're walking and moving," she said, explaining some of the downsides of buying the cheaper, unlined dresses.   

When in doubt about a dress or other piece of clothing on Amazon, check the comments. 
"If you pay attention to the reviews, I've found that they're really helpful," Merwin added.  

If you would absolutely never buy clothes you couldn't try on, you might like Amazon Prime Wardrobe

If you are a Prime member, you can choose three or more items, including clothes, shoes and jewelry. Amazon will send them to you to try on. Choose the items you want and pay; then send back what you don't want in a postage paid package within 7 days. 

Not all clothing is included in Amazon Prime Wardrobe. The less expensive finds are not. At the lowest end, we found dresses for about $70.