New way to save at the pump without a credit card

HOUSTON – With the Fourth of July on Wednesday, this will be a big week for road trips, and Texans are paying about 60 cents more a gallon than we were this same time last year.

Despite the higher price, there are some ways you can save some cash on your weekly fill-up. 

Start by timing your trip to the gas station. According to Gas Buddy in Texas, gas prices are highest on Wednesdays. They are the cheapest on Mondays. Wait to fill your tank until the very beginning of the work week. 

You can also now save by using Gas Buddy to pay for your gas. If you're a saver, you probably already earn points on loyalty cards like Kroger to get discounted gas. Now, "Pay with Gas Buddy" can increase your savings. 

When you join the program, you will get 10 cents off every gallon for your first fill-up and 5 cents off each gallon every time your refuel after that.

You have to link your checking account to your account. Gas Buddy will send you a card that you use to pay at the pump. The money is automatically debited from your account and you can stack your savings. If you're already getting 10 cents off or more by using your Kroger card, you'll get 15 cents off each gallon with you use Pay with Gas Buddy.

If you don't want the discounted gas, you can earn money with each fill-up that you can redeem with select retailers through Shop Your Way. You earn 30 cents for every gallon you buy for the first 60 days and 15 cents for every gallon after that. You use the savings you accrue to shop through an online portal at stores like Sears and Banana Republic.