Pro styling tips to save time, money

Who doesn't like to look like they just stepped out of a salon? But somehow your hair never looks the same when you try to recreate the style.

Consumer expert Amy Davis consulted a Houston hairstylist to find out what we're doing wrong and how we can save time styling our locks every day.

Meghan Lee, of Ceron Hair Studio, can cut and color hair all day long, but she can also help you help your hair. 

"Sometimes you just need a couple new techniques to refresh yourself," Lee told Davis. "Makeup artists give makeup lessons; why can't hairstylists give hair lessons?" 

Clients tell Lee what they want to work on in one-hour sessions she calls Meghan's Mane Hour.

You can choose from a blow dry boot camp, downstyling session or learn how to do your own upstyles. 

"I like to see what you're working with," Lee said. She usually asks clients to bring in their hair products and styling tools so she can see if they are using the best products for their hair type. 

Some common mistakes she sees clients making: skimping out on shampoo and conditioner. 
"I always say you can go cheap on the styling products, but if you can invest in the shampoo and conditioner, go ahead and do that," Lee said.  

Styling products will wash out, but she says cheap shampoo can strip your color, dry out your hair or add frizz. And there is a wrong way to blow dry your hair. Never point the blow dryer up from the bottom. 

"It (should go) along the hair shaft," Lee said. "So it makes it shinier and smoother versus blowing up and you're just perpetuating the flyaways and all of the frizz." 

Lee said there's a reason why some women can never get the same look on both sides of their face with a curling or flat iron.

"The trick that I say to remember is the nose of the curling iron always has to be down," Lee said.

When you switch sides with your dominant hand, you naturally want to flip the iron. Make sure you're consistent on both sides of your hair. 

When teasing for volume, you don't have to be fast and furious. Be deliberate. 

"If it does not stand up on its own, it's just gonna fall in the humidity," Lee said.

When you're finished teasing your hair, use a vent brush to lightly brush just the top layer smooth. 

Lee also said spending more money on a good hair dryer is more important than an expensive curling iron or flat iron. You should make sure your iron has a temperature setting. Do not let it get over 410 degrees or you will burn your hair.