As Seen on TV Tuesday: Glam Twirl put to the test

HOUSTON – Girls can play with their hair for hours, but some of the best styles are complicated. One As Seen on TV product claims to make hundreds of designs easy and even fun. 

Consumer expert Amy Davis is giving Glam Twirl a whirl. The product is for kids 8 and older.

Davis bought the product at Dollar General for $7.50. She thought it could make braiding her daughter's hair quick and easy. Glam Twirl comes with attachments to create twists and wraps that you can decorate with beads. 

Neither worked on Davis's 4-year-old's hair. 

"That's not really what we were going for," said Davis when the Glam Twirl twisted her daughter's hair into a single tight lock.  

To be sure the knot wasn't the result of operator error, Davis brought the Glam Twirl to co-workers who have experience in hair wrapping. 

"This was like my summer activity," meteorologist Britta Merwin told Davis. "How many, like, jewels and wraps can you put in one's hair?" 

"Me and my neighborhood girlfriends, this was, like, our pool activity," said health reporter Haley Hernandez. "We'd sit out there for hours and do each other's hair." 

The Glam Twirl is motorized so you can speed up those sassy do's.

"I would like Haley to do a little twist, and then there's this cute little pink charm that I must have," Britta said.  

Haley tried out a wrap, and then a twist, but she just ended up with a few tangles. 

"Does it look good?" Merwin asked. "No," said a disappointed Hernandez. "It's not a real braid. It's just gonna look like a twist." 

In the end, the Glam Twirl did not deliver.  

"100 dazzlin' hairstyles?" Britta read on the box. "I think not. I feel like it'd be better to spend the $7 on some really cute charms and some string and let them do the actual way."