Which is cheaper: Walmart or Aldi?


HOUSTON – Your weekly grocery bill probably makes up a big part of your budget. Many shoppers use coupons, buy generic brands and wait for sales to try and save money. 

Consumer expert Amy Davis is showing you how you can save up to 11 percent on your bill. She looked at the two largest discount grocers here. 

There are 81 Walmarts in the greater Houston area and 36 Aldi stores. There are major differences in the two stores, but Channel 2 wanted to know how they stack up in price. 

The average Aldi store is a modest 16,000 square feet, while Walmart stores are mammoth in size, but when it comes to prices on store brand groceries, they've got a lot in common.

A dozen eggs at both stores are $1.28. Store brand shredded cheese at both retailers is $1.99. Store brand paper towels are the same price to the penny, but when we shopped for the same 10 items at both stores, there was an 11 percent difference. 

Our Aldi basket cost $19.63. Our basket at Walmart, filled with Great Value products, was $2.39 more, at $22.20. 

Aldi's sandwich bread is 85 cents; while Walmart's is $1.26. Most other prices were just pennies cheaper at Aldi. The biggest difference we noticed was for organic salad mixes. 

Walmart's Organic Marketside Spring Mix is $4.96. Aldi's same size Simply Nature Organic Spring Mix was just $2.99. 

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the 10 items we shopped for and the prices at each store: