As Seen on TV Tuesday: Does the Nutrislicer slice and dice better than you?

HOUSTON – It's not the cooking that takes so much time in the kitchen. It's all the prep work: the slicing, dicing and chopping. One As Seen on TV product claims it can do it all up to 18 times faster than what you can do with a knife. Consumer expert Amy Davis is testing the NutriSlicer for As Seen on TV Tuesday. She would need a knife, a cheese grater and a bulky food processor to do all the things the NutriSlicer claims it can do in seconds. 

She asked Emma and Art Rocha of Kingwood to try it out. 

Emma Rocha relies on a regular kitchen knife to cut fruits and veggies, but some vegetables are harder to chop than others.

"I broke a sweat," she said, laughing, after trying to slice some red cabbage. Her husband Art caught the commercial for the NutriSlicer on TV

"I like to make special salsa; and I said 'Oh wonderful. Let's try it!'" he said.

Channel 2 bought the product for them for $24.95 on Amazon. 

It comes with 3 different drums you can change out. One slices, one grates and one chops. The duo sliced cucumbers, made zucchini spirals, chopped carrots, sliced sweet potatoes and grated parmesan cheese. 

The couple really liked the NutriSlicer. The only complaints were that the slicer got some vegetables too thin and sometimes it took too much pressure to push the veggies down to reach the blades of the device. 

When you're finished, the NutriSlicer rinses right off. The Rochas gave it an enthusiastic thumbs up; but as an investment, they both think $24.99 is a bit steep because the NutriSlicer may not hold up over time. 

"It's plastic and the handle is a little wimpy," Emma said.

The Rochas don't have to pay $24.95. They get to keep the NutriSlicer for free because they tested it for us on air. If you see a product you'd like us to test, email adavis@kprc.com. If you agree to try it for us, we'll give you the product for free.