Last-minute Easter basket ideas that won't crack your nest egg


HOUSTON – Easter falls on April Fool's Day this year. Time is winding down You have just 4 days to get your kids' Easter baskets filled. That's no joke. Consumer expert Amy Davis stopped by a 99 Cent Only Store to show you how you can fill your baskets in one stop and under budget.  

WATCH: Easter baskets under $10

"Everything you need is right down this seasonal aisle," Rebecca Jirbi, manager of the 99 Cent Only Store on Westheimer near Highway 6 said. "Your basket, your eggs, your grass, your candy; this is basically a one-stop shop. We try to make it easy for our customers." 

Jirbi put together baskets for a boy and a girl for $9.50 each. That price includes the cellophane wrap covering, the basket, all the way down to everything inside. 

There are Peeps, chocolate bunnies, bubble gum and jelly beans; but if you don't want your children to load up on sugar, there are lots of cute filler toys too.  David found bubbles, chalk blast bombs, 99-cent kites, Star Wars toys, Bratz Dolls and everything emoji. 

"Emoji pillows, emoji purses," Jirbi showed Davis the collection. "I have this speaker pillow."

There are 27 99 Cent Only Stores in the Houston area. They are open all day on Easter. If you need produce last minute, each store has a full section of fresh produce. 

"Grab what you need, and you can be out," said Jirbi.