As Seen on TV Tuesday: Hurricane Spin Duster

HOUSTON – Dust bunnies are like real bunnies. They multiply very quickly. It's why dusting is one of those repetitive chores that never ends.

Consumer expert Amy Davis tested the Hurricane Spin Duster that promises to make the task easier, even fun.  

Viewer Jane Doyle emailed Davis when she saw the Spin Duster commercial, hoping this was the answer to her dusting dilemmas. She uses a Swiffer Duster, but it still doesn't reach the nooks and crannies in ornate frames and some of Doyle's tchotchkes.  

"Looking at what it says on the commercial, you can probably cut your time in half if it works like they say," Doyle said. "That was one of the things that drew me to this product that you don't have to remove them from the shelf to dust around them."

The Spin Duster whirred through her crystal stemware without a crash. It even dusted inside an artificial artichoke, getting the trapped dust from in between the small fake leaves.  
The device costs $19.99. It takes 4 AA batteries. Even though we loaded brand new batteries in the Spin Duster, it started acting sluggish just a few minutes into the first dusting session.

"It stalled quite a few times and I was not putting it firmly against any surface when it would stall," explained Doyle. 

The Spin Duster doesn't use any cleaners, but the commercial claims it uses static electricity to pick up dust like a magnet. Doyle tried to recreate part of the commercial where a dust bunny literally jumps and clings to the duster from an inch or two away.  

Each time, Doyle's dust bunny dropped to the floor. The Hurricane Spin Duster failed on that claim, but Doyle said it did do a good job dusting through and around her delicate knick knacks. 

"Sure speeds up the dusting and did a good job on the surface dusting and in nooks and crannies,: she explained.  

For that, she gives the product a thumbs up.