How to save hundreds at the grocery store

Getting the lowest price for everything on your grocery list

HOUSTON – How much did you spend at the grocery store this week? From snacks to dry goods to produce and vegetables, the USDA says the average family of 4 is spending about $250 a week. What if you could cut that in half? 

The freezer is Laura Thornquist's friend. The blogger behind ModMomTV uses her freezer for bread, lunch meat and all sorts of perishables when she stocks up on the staples at the grocery store. 

"I'm buying at the rock bottom prices, so if we buy at the rock bottom prices, I'm not paying the extra just for convenience," Thornquist said.  

Knowing the "rock bottom" or best price of everything on your shopping list means you will never have to overpay again. Not sure what the "best buy" price is? Thornquist has you covered. She's compiled the lowest price of everything on your grocery list after coupons.  

"We've got milk at 2 bucks, cheese at a dollar," she read from the list."You should never pay over $1.50 for a box of cereal." 
Thornquist is such a bargain shopper, she has the best buy prices memorized, but you can print out her list and take it with you so you know when you should stock up on certain items. 

"If you can find bread at $1, buy four loaves," Thornquist said. "That gives you four weeks to wait for the next sales cycle."  

Sales cycles at grocery stores tend to run every four to six weeks. That goes for dry goods as well. 

"Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo... beyond just the grocery items. On all of this, you should really apply that." Thornquist said.