Everyday items that are more useful than you think

ORLANDO, Fla. – That extra piece of fabric that comes with your new clothes? It’s not for patches, but to test how it will react with your laundry methods. Using this tester could help prevent shrinkage or mixing the wrong colors and fabrics. 

How do you measure pasta to cook? It’s used to let the water drain out, but the hole in that pasta spoon you’re using is actually the size of one person’s portion of spaghetti.

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Having trouble measuring something alone? The end of your tape measure has a hole to hook onto nails or screws, and the serrated edge can actually help you mark your measurement while your hands are full.

Ever notice the arrow next to your gas gauge on your car dash? It actually indicates which side of the car your gas cap is on.

And why are Chupa Chup sticks hollow? This helps prevent a child from choking as the lollipop is melted onto and into the stick. 

Your to-go drink cup lid can be converted to a coaster if you need.

The hole in your pot handle can be used to hold your cooking spoon.

The tab at the top of your soda? Flip it around, and it will hold your straw in place. 

That blue and white eraser you thought could erase pen ink but leaves a smudge when you try? The blue side is actually for pencil marks on art and graphic paper because they are softer and more sensitive.