Dryer sheet hacks that will save you big bucks

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you use dryer sheets, you probably love the way your clothes smell fresh out of the dryer.

Did you know you could use these sheets to freshen up a smelly room? Simply put them on the back of a box fan. You can also place them in drawers to keep clothes fresh, or in your luggage when you travel. But the sheets can do more than smell good.

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How about taking them to your shower door to wipe away soap scum? You can also use them to dust off your blinds. The next time you’re faced with stubborn toilet stains, try scrubbing them out with a dryer sheet. Or use them to buff dull chrome for a brilliant shine. If you’ve got a knotted up hairbrush, try soaking it in warm water alongside a dryer sheet The hair should slide right off.

If you like to paint your nails funky, cut out squares of dryer sheet, dip them in acetone and lay them on top of your old manicure to help soften the polish, making it easier to remove.

Ditch the paint thinner. Lay a dryer sheet in the bottom of a pan with the paintbrush you need to clean, pour water over it and let it sit. Voila, you've got a clean paint brush.

You can also rub dull scissor blades with a dryer sheet to give them a sharper edge. Let a dryer sheet sit in a dirty pot and let it  soak overnight with dish soap to help get rid of difficult grime.