How to look like Carrie Underwood for rodeo on a 'Little House on the Prairie' budget

HOUSTON – It is rodeo time! A time when we all dress up like country superstars a couple of times before we stash the high-dollar boots and bling at the back of our closet for the rest of the year. 

If you want to look like Carrie Underwood, but your budget is more "Little House on the Prairie," no problem.

We asked Jen and Pippa of the website Too Cheap Blondes to help us find rodeo wear for the whole family on the cheap.

"If you're gonna dress western for one day a year, hit the thrift store," Jen said. "You're gonna find an amazing outfit for next to nothing." 

We were amazed at how quickly the frugal fashionistas snapped up some snazzy finds at the Family Thrift Center on 59 at Bellaire. They found an embellished jacket for $15, and entire outfits, accessories included, for $10. Family Thrift Centers have men, women and children's clothing and shoes.

Whether you're shopping your own closet or a thrift store, Jen said you should be looking for anything denim, plaid, velvet, leather or embroidered. A white shirt can easily be rodeo ready with some inexpensive turquoise jewelry. The Blondes found some turquoise necklaces for less than $2. 

"If you don't wear it again, no big deal," Jen said. "Donate it to a thrift store or give it to a friend. You're not out that much, but you're looking great for your night out."

If you've ever gone thrifting, you know some stores just have better stuff than others. Jen and Pippa have compiled a list of their favorite Houston thrift stores.