How to keep your Amazon account from getting hacked

HOUSTON – Channel 2 is hearing an increasing number of stories from viewers about their Amazon accounts getting hacked.

Thieves somehow get access to the account and make purchases using a linked credit card.

According to Kyle James, of the blog RatherBeShopping, there a few things shoppers can do to make it more difficult for thieves to spend their money. 

1. Enable 2-step verification

When shoppers activate Amazon's 2-step verification, every time someone tries to access the account from a new computer, smartphone or tablet, Amazon will require a security code that is sent as a text message. Thieves won't be able to get in.

2. Unlink credit cards

It sounds inconvenient, but consider unlinking credit cards attached to an Amazon account, and just manually enter it when making a purchase. Even if thieves get into an account, they won't have credit card information to make purchases.

3. Check your order history once a month

Lastly, shoppers should be looking at their archived orders on Amazon about once a month. This is a good way to check for any items that they did not order. Report the fraud to Amazon immediately. It can take some time to clear it up. In some cases, Amazon may suspend your account while it investigates.