As Seen on TV Tuesday: Vino Pop

When you want to relax with a glass of wine, you're not looking for a fight with the bottle. But sometimes it happens. Stubborn corks break off into pieces in the bottle.

The makers of the Vino Pop wine opener say the device makes it easy to open bottles every time.

We turned to our resident wine expert to test that claim. Our first question for her: How many bottles do you drink each week? 

"I don't have to answer that," she joked. "I would say two bottles a week with my husband with dinner." 

Rachel has tried just about every wine opener under the sun; and she has experienced that annoying cork breakage when you can't get the cork out of the bottle smoothly. 

But the commercial makes Vino Pop look fast and easy. 

"Left handed. Right handed. Red wine, white wine. With Vino Pop, you get perfect results each and every time," says the announcer in the ad.  

Rachel tried Vino Pop three times. The instructions say you just push the pin into the cork, pump air into the bottle by pressing the product down and then the cork pops out. That didn't happen for Rachel or her husband. 

"Big thumbs down, but I am keeping all the accoutrements," Rachel said. "The cutter, I like this aerator and a cork. So $19.99 for these great accessories... it's a fail."