These items are up for grabs at rare taxidermy auction

Auction to be held Jan. 20; prices starting as low as $20

HOUSTON – It's like something out of a movie, or maybe a really weird dream: Everywhere you look, some sort of wild animal is looking back at you. 

One of the largest ever wild taxidermy auctions is coming to Houston, bringing along hundreds of rare pieces you may only see once in a lifetime.

"A little over 700 pieces, probably about 500 taxidermy mounts and 200 miscellaneous items," said the Taxidermy King, John Brommel.

Packed inside the auction house are a few tigers on the prowl, a couple of giraffes keeping watch from high above, lions, alligators, deer and, of course, a few raccoons goofing around. One is digging into a jar of peanut butter and another is trying to make an escape on a boat.

"You get to see things you don't see every day," Brommel said.

All of this taxidermy is from various private collections and will soon be up for grabs at the Tex Max Auction near Hobby Airport.

Brommel said he's come across items he has never seen before.

[PHOTOS: Items up for grabs are taxidermy auction]

"This is the adult pigmy hippo, and then is the baby pigmy hippo," Brommel said. "(This is) only one ever born in captivity in the United States. This was (from) a man who was trying to save the species. These were two that died on his ranch in Texas. I have a museum that has already called and inquired about these."

There is even a capybara, a huge rat-looking animal that is known to be one of the friendliest animals in the world. Brommel said taxidermy auctions like this aren't just for guys.

"There are women out there that like it more than the men do," Brommel said. "A man would put a warthog or a hog in his man cave, where a woman is going to put a zebra or a black buck or something that is pretty."

Brommel sells crystal-covered skull heads that are apparently very popular with the ladies as well. There won't just be animals at the upcoming auction. There is a huge Amethyst Geo that is between 1,200 and 1,500 pounds.

"Also, different spears from Africa, arrowheads, gold coins ... " Brommel said. "Just a little bit of everything."

Auction prices start as low as $20. It's a liquidation, meaning everything must go, so buyers could really get a deal.

"There will be items in here that will sell for $20 and things that will sell for several thousand dollars," Brommel said. "It's a liquidation. We are liquidating it. It doesn't matter what it brings, it's gotta go." 

The auction will be Jan. 20, with preview days the week before. Check Tex Max Auctions for more photos and a map of the location.